Partnership - Moving on to Calvin Christian School

When students at Channel Christian School complete Year 6 they can transition to Calvin Christian School for Years 7-12. 

Calvin Christian School is in Kingston and is part of the Christian Schools Tasmania group of schools.

Our Year 6 students are actively involved in a transition and orientation program which makes the move to the next level of their education as stress-free and meaningful as possible.

The transition program includes:

  • A joint excursion to Canberra with Calvin each two years.
  • Joint participation in sport events such as cross-country running.
  • Joint fun days at school at least once a term.
  • A band program which is led and supported by the Calvin Christian School Music Department.
  • A comprehensive Year 7 Orientation program led by the staff of both schools.

Staff and parents across both schools support each other during community events and a sense of sharing and prayerful thought is evident across the two communities.