Love - What is Christian Education?

Here at Channel Christian School we provide our students with a Christian Education.  What does this mean and how is it different to non-Christian schools?

These are questions that many parents ask, so you are not alone in seeking to know more about Christian Education.  We hope we can answer your questions below, but if you want to find our more please take a look at the Christian Education National website at

We have a lot in common with all schools

All schools follow a standard curriculum and we teach the same subjects as other schools in Tasmania.  Much of the work you’ll see your child do at Channel Christian School will be similar to that being done in all schools in the state.

Our teachers are qualified, experienced and dedicated to their work.  We offer all our students the opportunity to learn, question, be challenged and to grow in knowledge.

How we are different

At the core of Christian Education is our belief in God.  From this fundamental starting point we frame the way we teach and care for our students.

All forms of education have a particular perspective on life that shapes how things are understood and spoken about.  This might be in the form of assumptions about the nature and origin of the world, or it might be evident through suggestions about the purpose of life and what it means to be a fulfilled person.  Christian education invites young people to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth.  The Bible is the lens through which students view what they are learning.

We teach young people critical discernment

We teach the same secular curriculum that is taught in all schools.  A Christian education seeks to equip students with a critical discernment of the worldview assumptions of this curriculum; a discernment that critiques all that may be at odds with a Biblically informed view of life and the world.  We inspire our students to discuss and question so they develop an ability to critique what is taught and learnt.

We encourage our students to understand the purpose of life and indeed what it means to be fulfilled as a human through the lens of the Bible.

Our students are loved

Because we believe in God as the creator and designer, we see each and every child as unique creations in the image of God.  Our students are therefore treated with intrinsic dignity and value.

We live and learn in community

Christian education is not just about a Christian way of understanding.  It is also about a Christian way of living.  It informs, invites, and inspires young people to live a way of life exemplified by Jesus.

Our school is a place where our students, parents and teachers are unified in a community of love and learning.  We know that parents have the ultimate responsibility to educate their children towards a Biblical way of knowing and a Christian way of living.  The Christian school community is partnership; with parents and the school sharing in this vision.

Please be involved

Your Christian school exists because of faithful parents.  Your involvement is welcomed.  Having a community of parents who are committed, involved and dedicated to our visions is crucial for the life of the school.  Join in.  Bring other parents with you.  Ask your child’s teacher how you can help.  Join the parent association.  Participate.  Pray.