Love - Who are we?

Julie Berg - Administrator

My role as Administrator is something I really enjoy and one that allows me to help and support other members of our school community, whether that be students, staff or parents.  It is a varied role, never boring and often challenging, but the rewards are great.  This is a wonderful community to be part of – I consider this one of the greatest rewards of my job.







 Michelle Tromp - Administrator

I work one day a week in administration alongside Julie and have been a part of Channel CHristian School since 2002 when my first child started Kindergarten.

The administration role is varied in its tasks but being able to interact with the students, chat with the parents and support the teachers in their role is a very rewarding part of my day. 

It is a privilege to be a part of this School community where children ‘Learn to Love, Love to Learn’.



 Margaret Louw – Senior Teacher


I teach in the Early Childhood area here at Channel Christian School.  I am passionate about helping children start their journey on the path of formal education. 

I am privileged to be able to work in partnership with parents and/or carers in making this new adventure an enjoyable and positive step. I endeavour to run an open, interactive classroom where learning is seen as fun and exciting.

Opening a child’s eye to the many blessings received each day from God and learning important lessons from them, is one of the greatest and most rewarding ways I can exercise my God given gifts. I strongly believe that my ability to teach christianly (where all my lessons and experiences are centred on God’s word) is totally dependent on God and my relationship with Him.

Through working at Channel I have a daily opportunity to grow in faith. I am thankful to be part of a staff team which continually challenge each other in our teaching and deliberate on what it means to be Christian School serving our families and our community in Margate.



  Nicole Quarmby – Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher

I had the pleasure of starting my teaching career at Channel Christian School in 2013.  Over the years, Channel has shaped me as a Christian Teacher.  I have a genuine desire to see each and every child I teach, learn they are loved, know they can achieve and be actively involved in their own learning.

I have a passion for teaching the curriculum in real and meaningful ways in order to create a bubbling curiosity and enthusiasm for understanding in students.  I want to help develop a culture of wisdom in students’ personal walk with Jesus. 

Teaching Civics and Citizenship has been one of my highlights.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to take students to Canberra so they can have hands-on experiences and link these unique learning opportunities with everyday class work.  On a daily basis, I enjoy facilitating class discussions, teamwork activities and providing students with high expectations and reachable goals in their individual work.

Throughout teaching, I have looked to God’s Word for guidance and support.  It has been an absolute honour to then teach about faith, hope and love in a happy and safe environment - in our unique place we call Channel Christian School.



Nathan Bosker – Grade 4/5 Classroom Teacher

I am the Grade 4/5 teacher as well as the PE teacher. I have been teaching at Channel Christian School since 2014 and I know it’s a fantastic school with an amazing culture.

I thoroughly enjoy keeping students active, energised and healthy with intense games in PE and through hands on learning. I love having fun in the classroom, reading exciting books, making challenging maths games and encouraging students to display their amazing personalities in their writing.

I always look forward to running around in our uniquely scenic grounds and enjoying God’s wonderful creation. Having a job is a gift, having a job that you love, well that’s a gift from God!



Erica Wyllie– Grade 4/5 Classroom Teacher

I am a mum of two gorgeous girls. I have been teaching at Channel Christian School part time since 2012.  I love working in this environment where staff and children alike, are challenged and stretched to be everything they can be and more.

I love to see children working to their potential and having those light bulb moments, where they suddenly get something.  It is such an honour to be able to teach children about our loving God who created this amazing world for us to live in and enjoy.

I love that at Channel Christian School, children are encouraged to think for themselves and beyond themselves. I thank God that he has called me to this great school. 





Jessica Weeks – Grade 2/3 Classroom Teacher

I have been teaching at Channel Christian School since 2011. I consider it a great privilege and blessing to teach in a Christian school, especially at Channel where I get to work with wonderful, dedicated colleagues and families.

I am passionate about showing my students the great love that God has for them and His plan for His people through teaching the Bible and leading class devotions and prayer.  God has given me a desire to know and understand His Word and as I continue to grow in my own faith, I am more and more able to teach my students about God’s world through all areas of the curriculum.  My favourite subjects to teach are Maths and Geography.

I love to build strong relationships with my students and to foster a positive, respectful classroom environment in which each child feels comfortable knowing that they are valued and loved for who they are. 



Arwen Day – Kindergarten Teacher

I am the Kindergarten Teacher at Channel Christian School.

My wish for every Kindergarten student is that they will feel safe, happy and secure at school and that they will find learning exciting. I love to teach children through investigative play, songs, movement to music, art and drama. 

I find it fascinating to see the world through the eyes of children and to share in their joy as they learn about the world that God has made.

I completed my teaching qualifications (in Early Childhood Education) in 1995 and taught for some years in the State school system, until I started my own family. Since 2008 I have worked at Channel Christian School in a number of different roles, but teaching Kindergarten is my passion.



Lynne Grant – Learning Support Co-ordinator and Performing Arts Teacher

I began teaching at Channel in 1991. I have the delightful privilege of seeing past students return and enrol their own children at Channel. This is a wonderful school with a beautiful environment, a happy family atmosphere and dedicated teachers. Most importantly, I have seen God’s faithfulness to our school community over three decades, as we have strived to keep Him at the centre of our school and relationships.

Over the years, I have taught Prep to Year 6, and now enjoy a role in Learning Support. This special task supports teachers, and helps students to learn to their best capabilities. At Channel Christian School, we value every child and celebrate their unique strengths, talents and creativity. They are made in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully!

My passion is the Arts - teaching Music, Art, Drama, Dance and Choir and I teach  LOTE (German).  It is great to see children experiencing these and learning new skills. The music room is a happy place where music, singing and playing instruments helps students of all abilities to create, explore and share together.



Michelle Woolford – Learning Support

I have been working in learning support for over seven years and I have served as the co-ordinator for the school’s ‘Little Learners’ program.

I love seeing the look of wonder and excitement on a child's face when they experience something new or succeed at something for the first time and I think it's really special that I get the opportunity to form and grow a positive relationship with a child and their parent right from birth and then get to continue that relationship to their very first day of school and beyond!  That's unique!





Kylie Townsend – Learning Support

I have been involved with Channel Christian School since the first of my own children attended kindergarten in 2008. Since 2011 I have worked at the school in the area of Learning Support and I love what I do.

God gives each child different gifts and abilities and I have a passion for increasing their desire to learn in new and creative ways. I feel fortunate and blessed that I am able to make a difference in the school lives of many children and love to see their sense of pride when they achieve through learning.






Rose Evenhuis – Learning Support

I have been working with the school since 2011.  I consider myself very fortunate to be within a Christian community as a Learning Support Teacher Assistant.

It is a privilege to work alongside teachers to nurture the whole child.  I love that we support our children spiritually, physically, emotionally and academically.

During my time at Channel Christian School, I have been involved with the younger children in Prep – Grade 3. I love having an active role in assisting the teacher with many different aspects of everyday school life. I have a particular interest in being able to support children who have trauma-related learning difficulties.

It is my heart and passion to see children experience love and feel secure in their school environment as this enhances their ability to learn.  This supports the school motto, “Learn to Love, Love to Learn”.


Christine Boonstra – Learning Support

I have been involved with Channel in various roles since 2005.  These roles have grown gradually over the years from parent help in the classroom through to my current role as Learning Support Aide with the Kindergarten class.

It is a privilege to see children tackle a task or accomplish a skill they thought would never be possible and see the joy on their face when this happens.  I love the emphasis Channel places on fitness and that being active is a part of every school day, not to be the best, but to be healthy.

Knowing that each student, including my own, is regularly lifted up in prayer by the Channel staff means a lot to me.



Naomi Hadfield – Music Therapy

I have worked as a music therapist for over twenty years, in many settings including schools, medical facilities and in private practice.

I relocated from NSW to the Huon Valley, Tasmania with my husband and our daughter in 2014.  After enrolling my daughter in Year 4 at Channel Christian School, I joined the staff in 2015.

I am passionate about using live music as therapy to assist students to develop their self-expression, creativity, attention span, social skills, motivation and ability to learn in class.  Music therapy may also help students who have emotional or learning difficulties or disabilities to develop their potential at school.

Music therapy is the clinical use of music to promote emotional, physical and intellectual well-being and development. I use live music, much of which is improvised, to respond to students’ individual needs.  As the sessions continue, I use targeted musical activities to encourage each student to participate actively in music-making, using instruments, movement and their voice. 

I work closely with class teachers and aides to facilitate the best outcomes for students. 




David Matthews – Learning Support

I have been working at Channel as a teacher’s assistant since 2015. I love teaching kids about anything and everything, but more specifically I love teaching science and maths. I enjoy bringing God and his creation story into the scope of science.

I enjoy working as a teacher’s assistant as it gives me good opportunities to build strong relationships with students individually and in groups.  I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania, and am hoping to complete a Masters of Education afterwards. Working at Channel has been and is currently providing me with valuable experience in the classroom.

As my experience in the area of teaching grows, I am also growing in my personal faith. I look forward to improving the way that I bring these two areas of my life together to teach children about their loving Father and the world that He has given us.



Marc Mumford - Librarian

I have the privilege of being the school librarian and am currently studying for a Masters of Information Management.

I find being a librarian for Channel Christian School a very exciting and challenging role.  I love being able to encourage children in such a wide range of interests from general reading, science exploration, computer coding, animal interests, sports, history and imagination. 

My goal is for the library to be a place where each child can discover more about their unique selves, created in God's image, and to find things to interest and challenge them.





Julie Weeks – School Counsellor

I have been the School Counsellor at Channel Christian School since 2007. Channel is one of three schools that I work in across Christian Schools Tasmania.  I consider it a great privilege and honour to work in a Christian environment, partnering with parents and teachers who seek to support children to grow and develop holistically.

I am passionate about supporting families and students in the area of social and emotional health and well-being.  I have continued to position myself to be educated in these areas for the best outcomes for children and their families as they grow and change throughout each developmental stage.  Further to this, it is invaluable for children to have an independent listening ear when life circumstances get tough.

I seek to support children and parents through the ups and downs of life and am very invested in providing a safe place for them to talk about the difficult things in life.  In doing so it is essential that I build a warm and caring relationship with each person I meet.  My number one supporter in my endeavours is my dog, Bella.  She is a ‘therapy dog in training’ and provides a delightful additional support for students who may be distressed or anxious.

Ultimately my goal is to have students know they are valued and valuable, supported and cared for as they seek to make changes that will assist their emotional growth and resilience.   


Mike Harrison – Groundsman and Maintenance

I am the groundsman, maintenance and help-teachers-shift-things-man! I have been working at Channel Christian School since 2014 and absolutely love it.

All the staff are such a pleasure to work with and the children are a real joy to be around – even if I do have to retrieve balls & toys of various descriptions off the roof from time to time.

On a Monday and a Friday I work at Calvin High School but I am here the rest of the week. Along with working at the school I also pastor a church (part time) just north of Hobart – Faith Baptist Church – whom I have had the joy of being a part of for the last 20 years.

Like our church I really appreciate the family atmosphere here at Channel Christian School and to see how the teachers love sharing God’s Word with the students, establishing in them a Biblical worldview.

From time to time I also drive the bus on excursions; something that I think I benefit from as much as the children.



Christian Feegar – LOTE (German) Teacher

Having taught at Channel Christian School right back in 1989, it has been wonderful to return and see so many positive developments.  Because of the faithfulness and hard work of teachers and parents, Channel has always been a place where children are nurtured and encouraged to be their best.  That’s why, as the LOTE Teacher , I’m excited about building children’s skills in a second language and, in the process, improving their overall language ability. 







Nathaniel Richardson – Music Teacher

As a former student of Channel Christian School, it is lovely to return to as a staff member teaching music.  Channel is the place where my musical journey began. 

I have spent the last decade establishing my own music business, which has involved one to one piano tuition, performing, composing, arranging and music production.  I have also been involved at my church, helping to train young musicians to serve Jesus through music.

I am passionate about getting students to make music together and to share the joy that comes from communal music making.

I love a wide range of musical styles and I think it is important for each student to be exposed to a variety of styles, helping them to develop a real-life connection to the music they are making.  I play piano, guitar and bass and I also like to sing. 





Baxter – School Mascot

Hi, my name is Baxter, and I am a student at Channel Christian School.  I am a lovable Japanese Spitz, and I spend most of my time in the Year 5/6 class.

The children in my class are training me to sit, shake and lay down.  I find it entertaining, and I allow them to give me a treat.

Many students love chasing me, but they can't catch me.  I am as fast as a cheetah and as swift as an eagle.  They have no chance!

I find recess and lunch time tiring.  Getting hugs, playing games and socialising is extremely draining, so I sleep during the lessons under the teacher's desk.  Mrs Quarmby doesn't mind, seeing as I am the "Teacher's Pet".

I love seeing the smiles and the laughter that my presence brings.  It is a pleasure to be part of the classroom, and I plan on repeating Year 6 for many years to come!