Learn - Our Educational Values

At Channel Christian School your child will experience a positive education that is distinctive and based on clearly articulated beliefs.

We believe that God, through the Bible, communicates to us about who we are and how we can live and learn about His world.  Your child will learn about God in our world and our lives.  This is the starting point for all we do in our school.

As staff we will share the responsibility with parents for the nurture and education of their children.  Our partnership with parents is a vital part of how we work at Channel Christian School.

We believe that each child is wonderfully and uniquely created.  We will strive to understand and develop your child’s individual strengths, needs and passions.

We believe we have been created to live and serve each other in caring communities.  We will teach, model and expect attitudes and characteristics in your child that will allow them to live, learn and play together with others.


We work in partnership with parents to educate the whole child.