Our motto is Love to Learn, Learn to Love

Everything we do at Channel Christian School is based on our belief that the best way for your child to grow into the best person they can be is for them to love and be loved. The most important gift we can give any child is the gift of love – a love of learning, thinking, creativity and of themselves. We believe that if they have these gifts then they can achieve their goals and become caring and educated citizens.

We teach a love of learning. Right from the start our children at Channel Christian School are provided with lively, fun and enjoyable classes. From their bubbling enthusiasm they discover, create and learn. All our teachers are devoted to encouraging each child to experience the light of learning and to follow their individual pathways to success.

We teach our children to express their creativity through physical activities, games, music, drama and art. Our library is a hub of information and we have a dedicated music therapy teacher.

We teach love for one another. With God’s teachings at our centre, our school nurtures each and every child to be a caring and loved individual. Christian faith is present in all our staff.

At our school your child will grow in Christian faith to become a confident and educated young person with a deep love of learning.